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Paver Project


Support the Konkrete Kids Educational Foundation mission to enhance the quality of
education at Northampton Area School District by having your name or someone you
want to honor engraved on a brick paver that will be placed within the plaza outside the
entrance of Al Erdosy Stadium.

These brick pavers commemorate graduates, staff, teachers, and administrators of the
Northampton Area School District.  

Proceeds from the sale of the brick pavers will be used to supplement a variety of
district educational programs.

Two paver sizes are available for purchase:
 4” x 8” brick paver - 3 lines of engraving with 13 characters per line (letters,
numbers, and spaces)

 8” x 8” brick paver - 6 lines of engraving with 13 characters per line (letters,
numbers, and spaces)

Inscribe your name or the name of someone you would like to commemorate on
the pavers:

  •  Only a person’s name, family name, in memory of, in honor of, and year of graduation from the high school (if applicable) are allowed on the brick.

  •  You may incorporate the District name, “Konkrete Kids”, or “Konkrete Kid” in the allotted spaces on your brick paver.

  • Northampton Area School District past and present employees may incorporate their title (Example: John Doe, Teacher) on the brick paver.

  • Titles/ranks of those who served in the military (Example: Sergeant Doe Class of 1975) will also be allowed. Nicknames, symbols, animal/pet names, and business names are prohibited.

The District will determine the color, size, and font of the brick paver and will have final
approval of the inscription requested. All fonts will be centered, upright, and placed in
the same direction. Once installed, the brick paver becomes the property of the
District. All School District policies and procedures are in effect for this project, and final
approval for a brick paver will be made by the District’s Facilities Committee which
meets once a month.


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