Grant Funding Application Process


The Northampton Area Konkrete Kids Educational Foundation accepts Grant Funding Applications from teachers, staff, and administrators, and all are encouraged to apply. 


Please send your completed Grant Funding Application to Dr. Kathy Ott by


  • June 5, 2019, for consideration and funding by early July 2019


or by


  • January 6, 2020, for consideration and funding by early February 2020.

A. Grant Funding Applications will be evaluated based on the following criteria:


  1. Enhancement or enrichment of the current approved Northampton Area School District curriculum.

  2. Innovative or inventive presentation of the subject matter.

  3. Potential benefits for a wide range of students.

  4. Possible impact on other staff members, the school, and/or District.

  5. Measurable educational benefits.

  6. Financial soundness.

  7. Quality of planning exhibited in the proposal’s narrative: Organization, detailed program description, cost estimates, and description of methods that will be used to meet objectives.

B. District administrators and the Northampton Area Konkrete Kids Educational Foundation Board will carefully review all Grant Funding Applications. The Foundation will formally notify by email all applicants and their respective school principals in early July 2019 of the status of their proposal. At that time the Foundation will also indicate the amount of money that will be allocated for the accepted Grant Applications.